Online Dating

Going for a date with your girl? Excited? Nervous? All these things are quite natural and obvious when a person goes for a date with a girl weather it is his first date with her or any number of dates. A date is a special occasion and everyone wants to look his or her best that day. For girls looking good is not that though and a lengthy process. They can take assistance of professionals and can get a good makeover within a few hours. But for guys, it is not that easy. They can’t even go to parlors to get ready for a date. All they can depend upon is their clothes. Their clothes can make them look the best or worst. Thus selection of clothes is very critical for a special occasion like a date.

The dress code for a date should be decided the venue for the date as well as the time. Accordingly, it needs to be decided. For example, if your date has been fixed for an afternoon like for a movie or something, then you just need a pair of good jeans and a nice simple casual T shirt. But, if you are going for a date in the evening in some good restaurant over dinner, you should choose a formal pair of trousers and a descent shirt to go with it. Similarly, if you are going for a date to a pub or a disco, you can afford to wear casual clothes only like regular pair of jeans and simple T shirt.

Clothes can only do half of the job. Rest half depends upon other things like shoes, hair do, etc. Although shoes for guys dress code do not play a role that important but still they cannot be neglected and thus even the shoes should be carefully selected. Go for casual floaters with jeans and T shirt and nice polished formal shoes with trousers and shirt. Next comes your hairstyle. Again it is very important part of your dress code. Your hairstyle should not look messy and untidy. It should give you a neat look of a gentleman.

You can look your best by taking care of these minute details while taking your girl out for a date. She might pretend that she is not noticing you but secretly she will be noticing every single detail of you, just like you will be noticing hers.